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Downs is a criminal defense attorney serving those accused of crimes in the states of Washington and Oregon. Sean started his law career at a small private firm in Spokane, Washington learning the ins and outs of criminal defense, traffic offenses, and driver's license hearings.

He then moved on to work at the Spokane County Public Defender Office where he represented people accused of misdemeanor and felony offenses, as well as working on appellate cases. In , after over twenty-one years of combined private and public practice, Sean joined together with attorney Diane Grecco to found the law As a resident of the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years, Jack attended the University of Washington and graduated with a degree in Political Science and Economics.

While in law school, Jack clerked at Vancouver's Blair, Schaefer, Hutchison, and Wolfe law firm where he gained experience in personal injury law, real estate transactions and litigation, and general civil practice. Following his graduation, he was hired as an associate. Christopher D. Ramsay effectively represents and defends the criminally accused. In addition to being a highly experienced criminal defense attorney, he has served as an adjunct professor at Washington State University Vancouver, lecturing on the topic of criminal procedure and criminal law.

From to , Christopher D. Ramsay worked as criminal prosecutor in Denver Colorado.

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When the government focuses its energies on prosecuting, I fight hard for my clients' rights. I also believe that people accused of crimes deserve to be treated with respect and compassion and given the information and support they need.

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At the Law Office of Nicole T. Dalton, PLLC, we value individual rights and work hard to protect clients from unfair and inappropriate treatment. I am a seasoned and aggressive trial lawyer and I am not afraid to stand up against the government to protect your rights. Staying on top of current caselaw and pushing important issues Attorney Nicholas A.

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Wood has vast experience dealing with the police, prosecutors and other law firms in litigation matters. As a result, Nick has achieved sensational results for his clients on a consistent basis.

Clark County considering domestic violence court changes

Attorney's Office Special Assistant U. S Attorney , Nick understands the methods, strategies and tactics commonly used by Attorney McAleer has primarily devoted his practice to criminal defense with a focus on defending those accused of sex crimes and other major felony crimes. He enjoys complex family law cases, involving businesses and other complicated scenarios. He has also done work in construction defect cases.

In addition to helping establish compliance procedures for highly regulated industries, he is also certified in Collaborative Law. Jeff is an avid believer in alternative dispute resolution, due to its low-conflict approach to settling a dispute outside of the courtroom, and the benefits it serves to all parties involved.

He has twice been elected as a county prosecutor and now focuses his practice on criminal defense in South West Washington. Zach has the experience to manage complex criminal and family law cases; he also knows how to help clients protect their liberties and navigate the complicated intersection of family and criminal law. He doggedly pursues just and expedient resolutions on complicated legal matters for his clients Quinney College of Law.

Choose a lawyer dedicated to immigration law. I am attorney Scott D.

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Mills, and I have developed my expertise in immigration law by practicing exclusively in immigration law for years. The United States was founded by people seeking freedom and the chance to work and build a life for their families. I fight for my clients so they can have those same opportunities.

I am a Washington licensed attorney authorized to provide United States Matthew R. Vancouver , WA Dedicated criminal defense attorney. My hard work has lead to dismissal of cases pre-trial; not guilty verdicts at trial and no action on cases by conducting pre-charge investigations. I take pride in my work. View Lawyer Profile Email Lawyer. Steve Thayer has practiced law in Southwest Washington since , with an emphasis in criminal defense.

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There will most likely be several options for resolving your criminal case, but they may not become available until after your case is underway. Your options may include:. No one wants to go to trial. The tactics used at trial, like self-defensewill depend on the facts specific to your case. This is where an experienced and aggressive trial lawyer like the attorneys at the Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer really becomes helpful.

These are contracts, nothing more. If you comply with the contract, the case is dismissed. Not all prosecutors will offer these types of resolutions but they are a powerful tool when available. There are potential up and downsides to these agreements and they should be thoroughly discussed with your attorney prior to committing to one. It is often possible to get a Domestic Violence charge re-filed as a different, less serious, charge. Examples of reduced charges are: Disorderly Conduct or Simple Assault without the domestic violence tag. Be aware that some Victims Advocates are advising alleged victims to drain joint bank accounts.

This advice leaves Defendants in the impossible position of becoming suddenly homeless due to the no contact order and penniless. Conviction for a crime labeled Domestic Violence will forfeit your rights to own or possess firearm until they are restored by a court of competent jurisdiction.

This is true even in cases where no gun was used, threatened, mentioned or even owned by the defendant. Because of the nature of Domestic Violence charges, you need to find an attorney like the attorneys at the Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer that understands the complexity of these charges and what you can do about them. Call us today at to schedule a free, confidential consultation. Skip to content.

clark county washington arrest domestic violence Clark county washington arrest domestic violence
clark county washington arrest domestic violence Clark county washington arrest domestic violence
clark county washington arrest domestic violence Clark county washington arrest domestic violence
clark county washington arrest domestic violence Clark county washington arrest domestic violence
clark county washington arrest domestic violence Clark county washington arrest domestic violence

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