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Of course, you must choose a call sign that is not assigned, which you can check by doing a search on the FCC ULS web site. Your first choice may not be available for a number of reasons, such as someone else may have just applied for it. It was probably assigned to you when your license was first issued. Think of this as your user name for the ULS web site. Next you need to log into the ULS , which will probably be the most difficult part of the process — select the Online Filing login option.

I'm using EchoLink for the first time. Why do I see a message that my callsign hasn't been validated? Where do I send a copy of my license?

  • Current UK amateur radio licences;
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  • UK Amateur Radio Call Signs (callsigns).

I've been a ham for 50 years, and now you're asking me for a copy of my license. This is an outrage! Can't you just look me up on QRZ. Can a club-station callsign be used on EchoLink?

A one-to-one call with his majesty

I'm not comfortable with the idea of sending a photocopy of my license. Can't I have somebody vouch for me instead? Before sending a license copy, can I cross out or cover up some of the information it contains? I can't find my original station license. Can I send something else, like a payment receipt, or exam results? My license document contains some personal information.

Do you keep it private? I just passed my Amateur exam, but I haven't received my license document yet. How can I get on EchoLink? I'm a licensed amateur, but I live in a country that requires periodic renewals of the station license.

Can I use EchoLink even if I haven't renewed my license? I've already been validated for EchoLink using my basic callsign. Now I'd like to switch to Sysop mode, with a -L or -R after my call. Does my call need to be validated again? How can that be? I just changed my callsign after upgrading, and validated the new call with EchoLink.

Is there any way I can get my old node number back? The limitations are as follows: 1. My Sysop node links to a repeater, so I'd like to change its current -L suffix to the correct -R suffix.

The Secret of Callsign OH73ELK

Can I do this without changing the existing node number? Yes -- this can be handled as a callsign change, as described above. I've just been issued a new callsign.

FAQs - Validation

What do I need to do to have it validated for EchoLink? I want to move EchoLink to a different computer. Do I need to be re-validated? I have a new e-mail address. How do I change it for EchoLink?

Ham Radio For Dummies, 2nd Edition

How do I set up one of these? In most cases, hams request call signs that are shorter than the 2 X 3 call signs with two letters before the call area number and three letters after the number they were first issued. Often these vanity call signs are in the 1 X 3 format or if they hold an Amateur Extra class license, in the coveted 1 X 2 or 2 X 1 format. Amateur call signs date back to before the time when the Federal Government first began issuing amateur radio licenses and call signs at the end of It was not uncommon for a call sign to be reissued when it was no longer in use.

Consequently, it is likely that one or more hams previously held the same call sign that you now hold.

Call Signs

But who were the former holders of your call sign? Luckily, records are available that will allow you to trace the history of your call sign. Call sign directories, commonly known as callbooks, were regularly published by both the Federal Government and commercial enterprises since before licensing began in Callbooks continued to be published into the s. Looking through these phonebook-like callbooks, you can find when your call sign first appeared as well as the name and address of the holder of the call sign at that time.

Moving through these mostly annual callbooks, you may follow your call sign up to when printed callbooks ceased publication. It can be interesting to find out who once held the same call sign as you now have. I have traced my own calls sign W3PR.

lookup your call sign amateur radio Lookup your call sign amateur radio
lookup your call sign amateur radio Lookup your call sign amateur radio
lookup your call sign amateur radio Lookup your call sign amateur radio
lookup your call sign amateur radio Lookup your call sign amateur radio
lookup your call sign amateur radio Lookup your call sign amateur radio

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