Manhunt sex offenders in idaho on the loose

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No one knew Fernando Aguero's shady past as a sex offender. Aguero awaits trial in Mexico. A car wash security camera captured these haunting images of Carlie Bruscha's kidnapping, and again, we heard the same sad echo. Unidentified Man 4: The body of a beautiful year-old girl, Carlie Bruscha, has been found. Smith, a repeat offender, had recently violated his parole.

Yet, he walked the streets a free man the day police say he grabbed Carlie. His trial is pending. Sarah Lunde was 13 when she was found dead, half-clothed, in a fish pond. David Onstott faces trial for Sarah's murder. He has a disturbing history of sexual deviance, drug use, stalking, assault and rape. And just this past February, Jessica Lunsford was taken in the night from her bedroom.

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I just--I want my daughter home. WINFREY: Search teams canvassed western Florida looking for Jessica, while just yards from her home, police say John Couey, a man with a history of violence and sex crimes, kept Jessica alive for days, sexually assaulting the nine-year-old before burying her alive in his back yard. Couey faces the death penalty in his upcoming trial. The bitter truth is Jessica's face is just one among thousands. She's a little girl whose heart-wrenching story is simply, I think, the last straw. Excerpt from audiotape Unidentified Man 5: There's blood all over the door.

Unidentified Woman 4: Oh? Unidentified Man 5: Nobody comes to the door. There, they discovered the bludgeoned bodies of Brenda Groene, her boyfriend Mark McKenzie and her year-old son Slade. Just a few miles away, Brenda's mother receives a chilling phone call. I'm sorry.

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That--the way they described the house, there's only one there, and that was my daughter's. His youngest children, nine-year-old Dylan and eight-year-old Shasta are missing. They had nothing to do with any of this. His name is Joseph Duncan, a wanted pedophile.

North Dakota Sex Pervert Caught In Idaho – Wizbang

Late that night, Duncan enters a Denny's restaurant with Shasta just miles from her home. I'm 90 percent sure it is. Will you go in and, you know, check it out and tell your manager?

When I went to the tables, when I really was sure that it was her. From phone call I've got a little girl here with a tall gentleman and she looks so much like that Shasta. Within minutes, police descend upon the restaurant and capture Joseph Duncan.

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They also learned that Joseph Duncan has an appalling record of violent sexual crimes against children. Police suspect that he stalked this family using night vision goggles, peering through their windows before he attacked. Steve Groene never imagined that this would happen to his children. Now his two sons, Slade and Dylan, are dead, and his only daughter Shasta is a survivor, but she will never be the same.

We'll be right back. Next, we'll find out how Shasta's doing when we come back. A nationwide manhunt lasted for weeks. Dylan's burned body would eventually be found at a remote Montana campsite. But until a tip led to Duncan's capture, little Shasta endured a horrific 48 days in captivity before being reunited with her father Steve. Did the therapist tell you not to talk about it or wait until she talks about it? We've been instructed, if she talks about them on her own, to definitely listen to her and let her talk about it.

GROENE: Well, it's our understanding that she was at a couple different campsites, which they're not really like designated camping areas, just out in the wilderness. As you listen, picture your own little eight-year-old daughter going through this. Shasta told police that she was in bed when her mother woke her up and told her to come to the living room where Duncan was waiting.

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Her mother, mother's boyfriend and year-old brother Slade were bound with zip ties and duct tape while Shasta watched. Then she and Dylan were tied up outside near a swing set. She told police that she could hear screams from inside the house as the three were bludgeoned to death. Shasta says that she was taken to a remote campsite in the mountains and that Duncan bragged to her about the killings and showed her the hammer that he had used to bludgeon her family. Is it true that after Shasta finished telling police all of this that had happened to her, they had to sedate her because it was so overwhelming for her to have to go back to that space?

GROENE: That might have been part of it, but being that she was sexually abused, they had to do some examinations also, and I believe that that's a part of why she was sedated, so that they would be able to do those examinations without further traumatizing her. When he pleaded not guilty, what was that like?

He stared forward pretty much the whole time. No, I glared at him. Is that what you want? This guy took four lives, and unfortunately, we can only kill him once. I was recently diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. I will have to have radiation. It--there have been cases where people's voices return to normal, cases where obviously people's voices varied a little bit, and cases where people lost their voices totally from it, so That's what I want to know.

You will be screaming at the TV.

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Stay tuned. And coming up, a little girl who endured days of torture tells her terrifying story. He had been observing them for some time, killed their mother, killed her boyfriend and their brother. Miraculously, Shasta was spotted with Joseph Duncan at a Denny's restaurant near her home and was rescued six weeks later. Dylan's charred body was found a few days later. Shasta's grandmother, Darlene, said she heard about this nightmare on television and nobody can even imagine what that's like until it happens to you, and everybody thinks it will not happen to them.

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You were the first to have to tell Steve what happened. What was that like? TORRES: I just--it was hard, and, of course, I went into shock right away and then we tried--Steve tried to call the authorities and, of course, they wouldn't give us much information at all, and then the--you know, there was five people in there. There was only three to be found, and so where were the other two?

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