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Same here. My mother passed in Another example of congress and others jumping to an incorrect solution without bothering to study the situation! Congress needs to change their position to cut down on identity theft not increase it! You can get up to at least February from Fold3. They updated their collection in February , so now I can at least find my own fathers record. Many think that the last residence listed in the Death Master File is at least somewhere near the place of death.

Not true.

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Thus, his last residence is the city in Pennsylvania where I reside. He had not set foot in Pennsylvania where he was born and resided for the first 65 years of his life since — he died in Once a record is older than 3 years days , it can be published.

Vital Records

If the Social Security Number is not visible on the record index it is because Ancestry. Also, ancestry now makes available info that was in the original Social Security apps, which often has birth info and parents info and other details. My understanding that was in the case if most states, the record of a death could be added to SSDI once it took place more than 3 years previously.

Overreach and overreaction by the legislators who are supposed to represent us. When will they start representing ordinary people and not their big donors? The legislator himself was a POW. However, familysearch says their copy of the ssdi goes up to February 28, Ancestry. That means that new records have not been added since The newer records are not included, however. In theory, records that are three years old or older should be in the latest updates. However, not all web sites are updating their records regularly.

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  • I have found people who died in listed. Far as I know, they have not re-started new entries, although, they said, there would be 3 years until Feb. How do I track down someone whose social security number I have who may have died more recently than three years ago? Are there any other search options?

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    Searching for Death Records - Ancestry

    Learn how your comment data is processed. He has been involved in genealogy for more than 35 years. He has worked in the computer industry for more than 50 years in hardware, software, and managerial positions. By the early s, Dick was already using a mainframe computer to enter his family data on punch cards.

    He built his first home computer in Contact Dick Eastman. Click here to renew an existing Plus Edition subscription. To learn more, including how to manage your data, please check out our cookie policy. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Every U. Your social security number is used to help confirm your identity and for tax withholding and filing purposes. Death index records are updated weekly and include the following information when that information is available to the SSA :. Because information entered into the death index was based on the paper records kept originally by SSA offices across the country, it is not uncommon for the death index to contain misspellings, incorrect birth dates, and other errors.

    Social Security death index free records is popular with people who want to research family genealogy. However, it was originally intended to be a resource for financial institutions like banks and credit unions, insurance companies, creditors, and local governments.

    By having access to death records, financial institutions can ensure their internal records are current.

    Genealogists rely on the death index today to help with compiling accurate records of ancestors. The index includes birthdates and the area where the person lived when they died, which can help researchers find more information in other places, such as census records and marriage records. The information available through free death records in the Social Security death index is, unfortunately, only as good as the information provided to the SSA. See this NARA document, bottom of page 2, for more information.

    Search Collection

    This database has been available on the commercial genealogy website Ancestry. The current estimated completion date for this request is July 13, I represent a c 3 non-profit organization called Reclaim The Records. We are an activist group of genealogists, historians, journalists, and open government advocates who acquire genealogical and archival data sets and images from government sources, often through the use of Freedom of Information laws.

    We then upload those records to the Internet, making them freely available to the public and returning them to the public domain.

    Requesting SSA’s Death Information

    It is a database composed of information filed with the Social Security Administration through the application or claims process. This database would only contain information about people whose deaths have been reported to the Social Security Administration or who would be more than years old if still living. Your agency has already provided a copy of this data to the commercial genealogy company Ancestry.

    We are now requesting a copy of this database for our non-profit organization, so that we may post it online for free public use.

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